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Victor Krvaric

From driving an LAV-25...

From driving an LAV-25...

As an LAV-25 driver, it's crucial to stay on top of scheduled maintenance, keep accountability of all vehicle-associated tools, and ensure operability of on-board thermal sights and radios. driving Client Relationships. driving Client Relationships.

As a Registered Client Service Associate, Victor applies the same attention to detail that kept his LAV-25 deployment-ready, ensuring your paperwork is properly processed and all questions are promptly and accurately answered.

Q&A with Victor Krvaric

You served in the United States Marines, tell us what drew you to that decision and what lessons did you draw from your service?

Joining the United States Marines was a decision driven by a quest for distinction and belonging to an elite group. The desire to earn the title of US Marine was a compelling draw, reinforced by Ronald Reagan's powerful assertion: "Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. Marines don't have that problem." This resonated deeply with me, instilling a sense of purpose and commitment that guided my decision to serve. Despite all contrary advice I joined the Infantry as an 0313 LAV Crewman, which was overall a rewarding experience. I achieved the rank of Corporal and moved from the driver’s seat to the gunner’s seat before getting out.

The lessons learned during my service were plentiful and oftentimes learned the hard way. The Marines taught me the value of attention to detail, patience, and mental fortitude. These virtues, combined with the leadership skills and resilience cultivated in the demanding environments of military life, have been instrumental in shaping my approach to challenges and opportunities in everything I do.

What is it about the financial services industry that drew you to it and ultimately getting your securities and insurance licenses?

My intrigue with the financial world began at age 14, when the stock market captured my attention during a school assignment. This interest was momentarily sidelined during my military service, only to be rekindled by the GameStop stock saga, which caught my attention while I was performing clerical tasks at Krvaric Capital. This experience reignited my passion for finance, propelling me to acquire my securities licenses in 2022 and my insurance agent license in February 2023. I’ve been a Registered Client Service Associate at Krvaric Capital ever since.


How is it working with your father, in a relatively intimate office setting? There must be both benefits and challenges.

Working alongside my father in our close-knit office environment is a dynamic and rewarding experience. Our shared energy and enthusiasm create a synergistic workspace where ideas flow freely and productivity thrives. While the presence of two strong personalities under one roof presents its challenges, it also fosters a unique complementary dynamic. Our individual quirks often serve as the perfect counterbalance to the other’s, which brings unspoken communication and mutual understanding. This unique family-professional blend not only enhances our working relationship but also contributes to a more nuanced and effective approach to business.

The blend of family and professional dynamics in such an intimate setting can be challenging, but it also brings unparalleled trust and collaboration. Our ability to feed off each other's energy and momentum, especially when one of us is on a roll, allows us to accomplish tasks with a unique efficiency and creativity that might be harder to achieve in a ‘normal’ office setting.

What interests and hobbies do you have outside of work? And share with us something that people might find unexpected about you.

Music and the great outdoors are where my passions lie outside of the professional realm. Over the last 14 years, I've developed a significant proficiency in playing the electric guitar, a journey marked by self-discipline and an appreciation for the craft. Being completely self-taught is something I take quiet pride in.

In addition to music, my love for adventure is expressed through off-roading, camping, and hiking. These activities provide a much-needed counterbalance to my professional life, grounding me in the simplicity and beauty of God’s creation. God is great!


Please describe one or more individuals (besides your parents) that have had an outsized influence on you and helped shape who you are.

One of the most influential figures in my early life was my neighbor Roger, a Marine Officer and client. His stories of his time in the Marine Corps and the occasional show-and-tell of his uniforms and officer's sword filled me with a sense of wonder and a certain thirst for adventure. The encouragement and support from various teachers during critical moments of my life also played a significant role in shaping who I am today. Their compassion, understanding, and dedication went beyond the call of duty, providing not just academic guidance but also emotional support and valuable life lessons.

These influences, outside of my immediate family, have been pivotal in my development, instilling in me values of perseverance, empathy, and the pursuit of excellence. Their impact has been profound, guiding me through challenges and helping me grasp the extent of my capabilities.